Why is Steam Cleaning is so Important?

Commercial steam cleaning machines are able to heat water to temperatures of about 180 degrees Celsius. When steam of this temperature leaves through the nozzle of the steam cleaner it cools and expands considerably – so, that same litre of water leaving the steam cleaning nozzle at 130 degrees Celsius will produce half a cubic metre of dense dry vapour steam, considerably dense and ideal for cleaning.

The molecules of dry vapour steam are also considerably smaller than water molecules, which means they are able to penetrate in a far more intensive way compared with water, detergents or chemicals; resulting in a much deeper clean.

In addition, the dry steam is very hot at the release point meaning the targeted area expands significantly, and grime is far easier removed. An example of this is a stainless steel surface where steam expands the pores of the surface and flushes out any build-up that can’t be removed when you use normal cleaning methods.

There are also very important added advantages besides just the excellent cleaning power of steam. After the application of steam, there is no detergent residue left behind, and very little waste water (as opposed to cleaning with detergents.) This means minimal waste, no chemicals –  steam cleaning clearly has tremendous environmental benefits.

commercial steam cleaning machines

Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning

The dry steam vapour provided by some of our steam cleaning machines is certainly the most effective when it comes to cleaning tiled floors, shower scum, grout, commercial ovens, cooking equipment, refrigerator seals and bathrooms. It can even be used for chewing gum removal on pavements and carpets. Steam also excels when it comes to killing bed bugs, killing pathogens and sanitizing surfaces, meaning there are numerous advantages in using steam cleaning for the healthcare industry. For restaurants and catering, using steam ensures that hygiene and food standards are easily met as dry steam is proven at killing bacteria effectively.

steam cleaningWe are living in a more and more closed environment causing the proliferation and transfer of infection and diseases. This seems to be shown by the recent spate of problems on cruise ships one of the most closed living environments. Professional commercial steam cleaning machines are especially effective in creating clean hygienic environments essential in keeping bacteria at bay.

An outbreak due to inadequate cleaning can cause havoc with a business so be prepared. Steam Victoria provide just the commercial steam cleaning machines that are right to prevent this.

You can prevent this. Look at our commercial steam cleaners for sale and find one that will suit you.