Fimap Scrubbing Machines.

It’s time to evolve, The FIMOP scrubbing machine has arrived.
fimop scrubbing machine

The FIMOP scrubbing machine developed by FIMAP  is not only a scrubber dryer, but the scrubber dryer that realizes the dream of millions of shops, cafés and similar small businesses still confined to use bucket and mop. It has been designed to avoid the tiring work of preparing the bucket, scrubbing the floor manually, wasting time to wait for the floor to dry and to get at the end only unsatisfactory cleaning results.

Comparing Fimap scrubbing machines to manual floor cleaning is almost impossible. First of all, hygiene quality is definitely better, since the mechanical work of the cylindrical brush allows removing dirt more deeply compared to manual scrubbing. Moreover, dirty water does not remain in contact with the floor as it is immediately sucked up and any water residual is removed by the squeegee, that completes the floor drying.

The combination of some essential features makes the FIMOP scrubbing machine, in its look and use, very similar to an household appliance. But inside it keeps the same qualities and advantages as a professional scrubber dryer. To start cleaning, you only have to put water and detergent into the clean water container, switch on the machine and water flow, and FIMOP is ready to work.

To make the use of the machine even easier Fimap has taken care also of the detergent with the introduction of Chemical Cards. They are single-dose detergents, in the shape of a thin card, available in three scents intended for three types of floor. The innovative design allows pouring of the contents with only one hand without coming into contact with the chemical product.

The FIMOP scrubbing machine is powered by a lithium-ion battery, a solution chosen to make the machine always ready to use. The lithium-ion technology guarantees many advantages. At anytime it is possible to make a full or a partial charge according to what is needed. Moreover, it guarantees longer working autonomy since it is able to provide more power when dirt is stubborn and to save energy during maintenance cleaning.

FIMOP Scrubbing Machine Specifications.

  • Working width:  340mm
  • Squeegee width:  395mm
  • Clean water tank:  1.2 ltr.
  • Dirty water recovery tank:  1 ltr.
  • Cylindrical brush diameter:  110mm
  • Battery type:   V/Ah Li-ion / 25.6/5.2
  • Brush motor:   V/W 24/50
  • Vacuum motor:  V/W 24/100
  • Noise level:   dB(A) <70
  • Weight:   (with battery) 10kg
  • Working capacity:  Up to 300 sq m.
  • Dimensions (L x H x W):   395 x 1295 x 445 mm

Full specifications can be downloaded by clicking:  FIMOP.pdf


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