Professional Green Steam Cleaning.

green steam cleaningWith the increase of allergies more attention is being given by professional commercial cleaners to clean with products that offer green steam cleaning. Examples of this is the use of chemical free steam cleaners on surfaces and fixtures in locker rooms, restrooms and commercial kitchen areas. In the past, without steam, the traditional way to clean these areas has been with powerful chemicals that can cause problems with the users, the environment and the occupants of buildings. Now there are many green steam cleaning services to choose from.

Green steam cleaning eliminates these negative impacts. However, there is much misunderstood about using these systems and we hope to clear up some of the confusion starting with the way they work. These systems generate a live stream of steam. Using a wand and proper attachments, users apply the steam directly to the surface to be cleaned. There is minimal water applied as the high temperature of the steam is the most important.

Steam applied to a surface such as tiles and grout, acts as a disrupts the bond between the soil and the surface so that the soil can be easily and quickly wiped away. This is similar to cleaning a greasy dish. Cold water may wash away some grease but most will be left behind. Hot water will cause much of the grease to start breaking away from the dish even without cleaning agents. The big difference with steam cleaning systems is that the heat coming from the machine is far hotter than what comes out of the tap. A high-quality commercial steam cleaner can generate about 120 degrees (C). Hot tap water is typically around 55 degrees.

Only a small amount of water used in the steam cleaning process which makes cleaning with steam relatively easy. With the proper green steaming equipment there is not a lot of mess to clean up but this even this can be reduced now by the availability of vacuum steam cleaners. Much of the steam evaporates quickly, and users often just wipe clean surfaces using a micro fibre cloth.

We should keep in mind that we are talking about commercial steam cleaning equipment typically purchased through a distributorship such as Steam Victoria who obtain their steam cleaners directly from professional cleaning equipment manufacturers. Most commercial systems have refillable tanks, allowing continuous cleaning and improved worker productivity.

A question sometimes asked is using a green steam cleaner is difficult to use and safe. Steam systems are easy to use and because using a steam cleaner typically requires little scrubbing or agitation cleaning professionals quickly appreciate them. As to safety, any machine, chemical, tool, or cleaning process can be dangerous if used improperly. This applies to green steam cleaning as well so follow manufacturers’ directions.

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