Restaurant Steam Cleaning.

Restaurant steam cleaning using a powerful steam cleaner is one of the most effective ways of keeping your restaurant allergy and bacterial free thus protecting your customers and staff.

Cleaning a restaurant is usually split between the front of the restaurant and the back of the restaurant In the front cleaning typically includes bathrooms, seating areas, carpeting or flooring and tables. Depending on restaurant volume the cleaning might be done daily or weekly. If there is a bar these also need to be steam cleaned, sanitized and deodorized since many alcoholic beverages give a stale sour smell when the area is dirty.

Kitchen Steam Cleaning.

Back of the restaurant steam cleaning includes kitchen and kitchen equipment, preparation and storage areas, pantries and possibly loading docks.

restaurant steam cleaningDepending on the size of the restaurant, major cleaning is handled by staff or by a nightly janitorial service. Most of this cleaning is can be done entirely with steam but in some cases a chemical recommended by your steam cleaner supplier may be required. In the restaurant industry, with fairly high turnover, this translates into workers or janitorial staff who might not have been fully trained, trusted with proper sanitation. Chemicals, can be toxic and expensive and are regularly over portioned.

Commercial kitchen dry steam cleaners, whether used by a janitorial company or by restaurant staff are a great tool for major cleaning or extra detail work. The heat of the steam produces cleaned and sanitized areas without the use of chemicals, saving the operator expensive chemical overuse. Also, a major benefit of using dry steam cleaners in a restaurant is that they can be used around food products or sensitive POS systems without any worry. You can even clean refrigerators and refrigerator gaskets with the product inside. Ice machine cleaning, something that is often overlooked is easier and faster with a commercial vapor steam cleaning machine than chemicals.

Front and Back Restaurant Steam Cleaning Applications:

  • Seating areas, particularly booths and vinyl chairs.
  • All bathroom fixtures including dirty grout.
  • Bar fixtures.
  • Windows.
  • Nicotine removal (if applicable) from walls.
  • Prep tables and cutting boards.
  • Slicers – particularly if they are tarped.
  • Refrigerators and low-boys and their gaskets.
  • Freezers.
  • Sinks and drains- killing bacteria and odors.
  • Ice machines- removal of bacteria and bio film slime.
  • Floors and wax build up.
  • Ovens.
  • Preparation areas.
  • Benchtops.

Keep you customers and staff safe by using restaurant steam cleaning equipment and in turn make you business safe.

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