Rotowash R20 Floor Scrubbing Machine.

ROTOWASH R20 floor scrubberThe Rotowash R20 floor scrubber is a small multi-purpose machine with two 20cm wide brushes. It is able to clean with amazing efficiency and ease all surfaces capable of reaching those areas those larger and other types of machine are unable to. The water recovery system without suction allows for very little water use.

It has a single stick handle that has buttons that allows the control of solution delivery that is fed to the brushes. The Rotowash R20 floor scrubber is just the type of machine ideally suited to home cleaning as well as Motel/Hotel room cleaning, Bathroom cleaning and Gym areas such as changing rooms especially those with cubicles.

It is easy to carry and transport even easy to fit in small cars, boots etc. as it has an easily detachable handle thus ideal for cleaning contractors who have multiple premises to move between.


The Rotowash R20 floor scrubber specifcations.

rotowash r20 floor scrubber


So if you need a small, compact easily transportable floor scrubber with the power and capability to do the job, the Rotowash R20 floor scrubber is the one for you, so why not put in a demonstration request or call Ian on 0413 711 357