The Rotowash R30 Floor Scrubber Description.

ROTOWASH R30 floor scrubberThe Rotowash R30 floor scrubber is a compact cylindrical autoscrubber ideal for carpets and floors. With 30cm brushes it is just the thing for restaurants, toilet scrubbing and ideal for mobile cleaning. Even though it is one of the smaller of the Rotowash range it has the same robust build of all our scrubbers that will last for years.

The Rotowash R30 floor scrubber scrubs, rinses and dries all types of hard floors, leaving them hygienically clean and ready to walk on almost immediately.

The Rotowash R30 floor scrubber has a single stick handle, 30cm brush cleaning width, dual pass and scrubber dryers capable of generating a high quality clean on all types of hard floors. The cleaning solution is fed on to the floor from the clean water tray by lifting the trigger on the handle.

The compact size makes the Rotowash R30 floor scrubber light and easy to manoeuvre under and around obstacles like furniture and fixed equipment, ensuring a quick and easy cleaning job every time.

The Rotowash R30 model is also an ideal size for regular Tile & Grout maintenance in large domestic homes and hotel guest rooms.

The Rotowash R30 floor scrubber machine is made in Austria and has 5 important benefits.

– multifunction, cleans floors and carpets.
– Light and handy and is easy to maneuver and transport.
– Compact and will clean, scrub and dry in one machine.
– A robust design that is built to last.
– Has thorough cleaning twin brushes running at 650rpm.

The Rotowash R30 floor scrubber specifications.

  • Single-Phase Induction Motor – 550w
  • Various Ratings Available eg 230V 50Hz
  • Brush Speed – 650rpm
  • Cleaning Width – 300mm
  • Solution Capacity (ltr) – 1.5
  • Injection – Gravity
  • Brush Pressure – 300g/m2
  • Weight – 20.5kg
  • Length – 366mm
  • Width – 403mm
  • Clearance Height – 205mm
  • Coverage (Hard Floors) – up to 375m2/h
  • Coverage (Carpets – up to 150m2/h

The Rotowash R30 floor scrubber is available for demonstation you can arrange a demonstration request or phone 0413 711 357.