Rotowash R30B Floor Scrubber Description.

ROTOWASH R30B floor scrubber

The Rotowash R30B Floor Scrubber is just the floor cleaner that professional needs to perform those professional jobs required by their customers. Just one of the industrial floor scrubbers for sale.

The Rotowash R30B floor scrubber has a large 7 litre detergent/fresh water tank that combined with an electric pump spray system can cut through the most difficult of jobs. The size makes it ideal for cleaning those larger and difficult restricted areas.

The Rotowash R30B floor scrubber has the least number of moving parts ensuring that you have one of the most reliable and effective floor scrubbers on the market today.

Features and Benefits of the Rotowash R30B Floor Scrubber:

  • Rotowash R30B floor scrubber is designed to give a quality clean using fresh water on hard floors, tiles, carpets, escalators and travelators.
  • The R30B Floor Scrubber is perfect for cleaning all floor surfaces quickly and with ease.
  • It incorporates a 7 litre fresh water tank and electric pump spray to add water or detergent to the surface for a deep and fast effective clean.
  • The brushes can be easily changed to suit various floor surfaces without the need to unscrew anything.

The specially designed brushes can clean any type of floor, be it flat or profiled. The bristles of the brush can reach deep down into the irregularities of floors, such as grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting, escalator steps etc, and yet they are equally effective for scrubbing and buffing flat surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood. On carpets the versatile brushes extract the dirt, lift the pile and leave the carpet clean, well groomed and dry within minutes.

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Rotowash R30B Floor Scrubber Specifications.

  • Single-Phase Induction Motor 550w
  • Various Ratings Available eg. 230V 50Hz
  • Brush Speed: 650rpm
  • Cleaning Width: 300mm
  • Solution Capacity: 7 Litres
  • Injection: Electric spray
  • Brush Pressure: 340grams/cm2
  • Weight: 24.5kg
  • Length: 366mm
  • Width: 403mm
  • Clearance Height: 205mm
  • Coverage (Hard Floors): Up to 920m2/h
  • Coverage (Carpets): Up to 520cm2/h

rotowash r30b floor scrubber specifications



A. Universal safety handle for left and right hand operation
B. Easy grip water release control
C. Pivoting quick release cable holder
D. 10m mains cable
E. Removable slim line clean water tank 7ltr
F. See through water hose with snap on/off easy connection
H. Waste water tray lid with water level indicator
J. Electrical sprayer
M. Brush pressure control knob
N. Spring loaded clip for quick removal of handle
P. Heavy duty side and front protector bumpers
R. Easy to fit and remove brush axles
S. Built-in brush location plate for simple and fast fitting of
T. Retractable transport rollers suspend load on brushes
while not in operation
U. Cylindrical brushes, easy to remove without using any tools. *Available in multiple colours for hygiene control
V. Easily removable waste water tray
W. Safety thermal cut-out control
X. Specially coated aluminium body housing for high mechanical resistance.
Y. Long life filter unit.
Z. Self retractable spray jet nozzle.




R30b floor scrubber brush range

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