Rotowash R45b Floor Scrubbing Machine.

ROTOWASH R45B floor scrubberThe Rotowash R45B floor scrubber is one of our larger industrial floor scrubbers  an ideal machine for cleaning those larger areas such as hallways, industrial kitchens, sport and leisure areas that have synthetic surfaces.

The great thing about the Rotowash R45B floor scrubber is that it can be easily converted into an escalator and travelator floor scrubber cleaner with a simple change of brushes. This configuration is ideal for professional contract cleaners who clean hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc.

Rotowash ensures that the R45B floor cleaning machine far out ways any other floor scrubber on today’s market. It has the least amount of moving parts, giving you peace of mind, knowing that you have the best and most effective floor scrubber available.


Features and benefits of the Rotowash R45b floor scrubber.

The Rotowash R45b floor scrubber has 45cm wide twin brushes operating at 650 rpm that makes it perfect for effectively cleaning all floor surfaces with ease. It has a large 7-litre fresh water tank and electric pump spray to add water or detergent to the surface for that deep and fast effective clean. The brushes are easily changed to suit various floor surfaces without the need to unscrew anything.

The Rotowash R45b floor scrubber is a single pass machine with the clean water tank built into the ergonomic control handle complete with an electric pump that sprays solution in front of the machine on to the floor. It also has a 5-litre recovery tank where the sprayed water is collected after cleaning making it a true scrub, wash and dry floor cleaning machine. With its increased speed and larger capacity it is ideally suited all types of floor surfaces.

The Rotowash R45b floor scrubber Specifications.

rotowash r45b floor scrubber
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