Steam Cleaning Machines For Commercial and Industrial Use.

Steam Victoria is a leading supplier of specialised commercial and industrial steam cleaning machines. We provide a vast range of commercial and industrial steam cleaners and sanitising machines that are suitable for a multitude of everyday tasks.

Steam cleaning machines use steam to quickly clean and sanitize surfaces with some of our models drying and vacuuming as they go. High temperature steam is effective enough to disinfect or sterilize any surface it is applied too. The steam is produced in a boiler that heats tap water to temperatures as high as 155 centigrade to produce low pressure and low moisture water vapor.

The steam cleaning machines have the ability to clean that is based mainly on its heat. The steam is applied to surfaces using a variety of accessories that provide the energy required to break soil bonds and release contaminants into water suspension, after which they can be removed by vacuuming. They use very little water compared to carpet cleaners or other cleaning devices, which use hot water instead of steam and are incorrectly called “steam cleaners”. The low-moisture characteristics of a vapor clean steam cleaner make them acceptable for use inside buildings.

Vapor steam cleaning machines are growing in popularity since in the main they do not require the use of chemicals. They are growing in popularity because of steams ability to kill germs and in many cases without the use of disinfectants. Because of this, steam cleaning results in better indoor air quality plus lessens the requirement to store cleaning chemicals.

Steam Victoria have steam cleaners that offer all the characteristics above, from home/industrial to fully industrial as shown below. For specific needs please contact us to discus your requirements through our “Steam Cleaners Contact Page” or if you require, request a demonstration through our “Demonstration Form

sv6 cleaner

Steam and vacuum 6.5 Bar
Continuous refill

jupiter steam cleaner

JUPITER (Heavy Duty))
Steam and vacuum, detergent injection
7.5 bar, Continuous refill

Steam only, Hot water injection
7 bar, Continuous refill


Steam and vacuum, detergent injection
8 bar, Continuous refill

steam cleaning machines pegaso heavy duty

PEGASO (Heavy Duty)
Steam and vacuum, detergent injection
9 bar, Continuous refill

galaxy industrial

GALAXY (Industrial)
Steam and vacuum, detergent injection
10 bar, Continuous refill

supervap industrial steam cleaners

SUPERVAP (industrial)
Steam and vacuum, detergent injection
10 bar, Continuous refill

We offer a high standard of warranty on all our steam cleaning machines which gives you confidence in your choice. Please contact us on (03) 9879 8089 if you have any questions about our steam cleaning machines.