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Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning
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Industrial Steam Cleaning
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Steam Cleaners

galaxy steam cleaner

Steam and vacuum 10 bar

sv6 steam cleaner

Vacuum and Steam 6.5 Bar

sw7 steam cleaner

Steam only 7 bar

pegaso steam cleaner

Vacuum and Steam 9 bar

sv8d steam cleaner

Steam and vacuum 8 bar

supervap steam cleaner

Steam and vacuum 10 bar

jupiter steam cleaner

Steam and vacuum 7.5 bar

Scrubbing Machines

fimop floor scrubber

340mm width Scrub/Vac battery Powered

R20 floor scrubber

20cm cleaning width Gravity solution feed

R30 floor scrubber

30cm cleaning width Gravity solution feed

R30s floor scrubber

30cm cleaning width 8.5 Litre tank

R30b floor scrubber

30cm cleaning width 7 Litre tank

R45b floor scrubber

45cm cleaning width 7 Litre tank

R60b floor scrubber

60cm cleaning width 7 Litre tank

















Welcome to Steam Victoria.

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Unit 7/15 Molan Street, Ringwood, Victoria, 3134

Steam Cleaners Victoria are a leading supplier of specialised commercial and industrial steam cleaners. We also supply the Rotowash range of floor scrubbers and dryers that are suitable for all kinds of floor surfaces. They are Austrian made featuring quality, performance and reliability.

steam cleaners using the power of steam

The Power Of Steam

We have a complete range of commercial steam cleaners for sale that are capable of cleaning any type of business premises floors and surfaces. Commercial steam cleaners are highly effective for any industry. They are environmentally friendly and will comprehensively clean your business inside or out. All that is needed is a little tap water making them hygienic, safe and cost effective.

As well as providing a comprehensive range of professional cleaners we can supply a large range of steam cleaning accessories to supplement your steam cleaning requirements. These include limestone sprays, nozzles, brushes, mop, cloths, de-greaser concentrates and extension poles. Commercial cleaning  is most effective cleaning tiles, commercial ovens, large carpet areas, windows, mattresses, fridges, freezers, kitchens and bathrooms most essential for communal and required high hygienic areas. These include hospitals and commercial kitchens in restaurants etc.

For fast cleaning, steam cleaners are a must for the hospitality, healthcare, large conference venues and importantly in the food manufacturing industry. Our cleaners do the job and come in different sizes commensurate with your requirements and do the job that no other cleaning equipment can. This can be seen by even the big uptake even in domestic steam cleaners where people are amazed by their versatility.

Rotowash Floor Scrubbers.

Our floor scrubbers for those real hard areas complement our steam cleaners. Made in Austria these R30 floor scrubberworld famous Rotowash floor scrubbers make the cleaning of commercial floor surfaces a breeze. Steam Victoria offer a range of commercial scrubbing machines to clean kitchen floors to carpets and many other types of surfaces. They come from 24cm to 44cm wide. Just fill the floor scrubber tank with water and/or detergent, pull the trigger and away you go.


Steam Victoria also offer the following services:

  • Training and support
  • Equipment Hire (short and long term)
  • Purchasing or leasing finance options
  • Equipment servicing and repairs

Browse our range of steam cleaning machines and floor scrubbers  you are sure to find one that matches your requirements. We offer the best prices on steam cleaners and floor scrubbers